HVAC, Pipe & Cable Inspection in “Drop” Ceiling

Our client learned of a problem in their ceiling and needed to determine the full extent to which it existed. As well, they suspected an issue with the HVAC ducting. Their choices were to erect and move scaffold throughout the building or bring in a portable lift. In either case, it would be required to move and disrupt people in the work area. Canadrone provided a few solutions with its confined space, interior drone. First, by accessing the ceiling space by taking out one ceiling tile at each end of the work area, the client followed/guided our pilot through the inspection from a tablet sized monitor and in a proprietary inspection software was able to mark “point of interest” for documenting and ease of review of the imagery. In the case of the ventilation concern, our pilot was able to “follow” the ducting path to determine if it conformed to expectation. A video recording in both HD and IR along with a point of interest photo summary was provided immediately upon completion.

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