Fixed Wing – eBee+

This fixed-wing drone provides photogrammetric mapping and can provide RTK/PPK survey-grade accuracy. It captures high-resolution aerial photos that can be transformed into accurate orthomosaics and 3D models. The eBee is perfect for large areas, covering up to 12 km2 (3,000 acres) in a single automated flight of 45 minutes. Just as importantly, flights over smaller areas, flown at lower altitudes, are able to acquire images with a ground sampling distance (GSD) to 1.5 cm per pixel. The unit is lightweight and hand launched, field operational within minutes.

Canadrone equips this fixed wing UAV with multiple camera payloads – a sensor for every application:

  • Professional-grade RGB: surveying/geospatial
  • Thermal infrared: photovoltaic/rescue/environmental
  • Multispectral: agriculture/forestry/conservation

Rotary Wing – Albris

This rotary wing (quadcopter) mapping & inspection drone is equipped with RGB and thermal camera payloads and provides Canadrone high level situational awareness with five dual-sensor modules positioned around the drone. This allows us to get close to structures and surfaces and achieve sub-millimetre image resolutions making it ideal for inspection.

This drone allows us to switch between video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight. The field of view remains unobstructed throughout the 180º vertical range of motion allowing the capture of clear and stabilised imagery ahead, above and below the drone.

  • Autonomous or interactive pilot mode with flight mission time of 22 minutes
  • Capable of achieving resolution of 1 mm per pixel at a surface distance of 6 m (19.7 ft).
  • Inspect & digitally model structures
  • Automatically programs the image capture points to create highly accurate 3D models of object


The Elios drone can be chosen to inspect and explore internal, confined spaces like tunnels, shafts, tanks, chimneys and pipelines. This UAV is designed to tolerate collisions, rather than attempt to sense and avoid them. It is equipped with a robust wireless communication system that allows the pilot/observer to stand safely outside while the drone navigates its path.

  • Powerful LED lights to navigate in dark places
  • Simultaneous full HD and thermal imagery recording
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Protective frame of carbon fibre tolerates collisions up to 15 km/hour

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