Safety and Compliance

Drones are becoming a larger part of Canada’s airspace. While most UAVs are simple to use due to automation and rapid advancement in autopilot systems, it’s essential that they are operated safely to not pose a risk to manned aircraft or the public. Canadrone is committed to operating in an extremely safe working environment.

Canadrone use drones recognized as compliant by Transport Canada, allowing the UAV to be operated in more complex environments where there is typically more risk – preparing the company for the “complex” operating regulations tabled by Transport Canada and in Gazette with a planned implementation in 2018. There are presently 16 platforms recognized as compliant.

Transport Canada Compliant Drones

Canadrone considers worksite safety to be just as critical as picking the safest drones.  For this reason Canadrone is COR registered and working towards certification to meet the recognized safety standard of the construction industry.

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