Key reasons to use drone inspection

Safety – Drones keep humans away from hazardous conditions such as working at heights or near live circuits, flames, fumes and other hazardous conditions.

Access – UAVs provide relatively quick access to difficult locations or live working environments, and can get into confined and hard-to-reach spaces that traditional inspection methods can’t access – can often avoid the need to shut down/delay regular operations for extended periods of time.

Documentation – Drone inspections provide a consistent and permanent record of inspection. Repeatable mission planning works well with asset management programs and using change detection software. Data can be supplied in formats suited for most inspection use and software programs.

Operational Efficiency – Conducting inspections by UAV allows efficient use of the client’s human resources, minimizing down time from suspended operations and reducing time spent in field to perform inspections. There is a reduced need for complex lift and camera equipment, and it’s possible to run “live stream” inspections.

Survey & Mapping

Key reasons to use drone survey & mapping

Accuracy – UAV survey/mapping provides highly accurate data sets at a specific and current point in time. Surveys provide accuracy without extensive need for “ground control points” (GCP), using RTK and PPK techniques. The image and data sets are collected at high resolutions (GSD = 3cm).

Larger area and Corridor coverage – Drone mapping and surveys can capture 12 square kilometres per hour. That means reduced time in the field compared to traditional methods of mapping and surveys. Plus, it allows for quick, current data and imagery.

Extensive Camera Capabilities – UAVs offer RGB, thermal and multi spectral cameras/sensors. They also have oblique and NADIR capability.

Access – Conducting your survey/mapping by drones means a very low noise footprint; the operation is non-intrusive to land use operation. No launching or landing capture equipment is required, as the drone can be “walked” into situ.

Unique Purposes

Drones can be provided and specifically customized for unique purpose roles and unusual situations:

  • Confined spaces
  • Indoor
  • Underground
  • Tanks, pipes, stacks, culverts
  • LiDAR
  • Multiple sensor/camera array
  • BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)

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